Up to $16,080 in HST rebate for your renovated home - Whaaaaaaat?!!!

A few years ago I renovated (basically rebuilt) a Victorian home that literally soaked up any and all free liquid assets I had available.  In the end I was left with a beautiful home, but the costs of it all left me feeling drained, exhausted and most of all, annoyed that we have to pay a ridiculous 13% harmonized sales tax on everything.   

I had renovated and flipped other homes and had searched online for available rebates.  At the time, there were big credits for replacing windows, furnace, insulation, basically anything that helped conserve energy.  This lasted for a short time and soon these credits were cut in half or the Government programs had expired.  When I renovated this Victorian home, the credits were minimal and this meant that I was renovating a home for nearly full price and it felt as though when it came time to selling, recouping the renovation costs were going to get more and more difficult. 

I received a call from a company that heard I had done a significant renovation on my home and they told me that I could get a HST credit for the entire thing.  When they told me the amount, I had nearly fell over and had a heart attack! “To good to be true” I said.   They informed me that I could get up to $16,080 in HST credits if my renovation was $250,000 or more.  What really blew me away was that I had NO IDEA this HST rebate existed.  The Government certainly didn’t make this rebate known to the public and if you try and find information on this rebate online - good luck.

To make a long story short, this company tallied up all my receipts and invoices that related to the renovation and in the end I received $14,000 back.  Their fee was 20% + HST of the credit which was worth every penny.  If you have done a major renovation, then this is something you DEFINITELY want to follow up on.

If you are a DYI sort of person, then click this link for the application.  A word of caution, it is seriously difficult and you have to make sure you get it 100% right.   The company I used was very professional and would recommend without any hesitation.

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