" From start to finish your real estate experience will be absolutely exquisite! "


First stage - Discovery

  • Professional, courteous service - GUARANTEED
  • Discuss your ideal home "needs & wants"
  • Renovate or move in ready
  • Discuss market health and when the best time is to buy

Second Stage - Preparation

  • Get preapproved by the lender
  • What price range stipulates where you can buy your ideal home
  • Receive daily listings by email
  • Make appointments and view homes that works with your schedule

3rd Stage - The Close

  • Professional, courteous service - GUARANTEED
  • Walking you through the offer process
  • Negotiate a successful offer that suits you
  • Ensuring that your home gets purchased with the least amount of delay's
  • Seeing the deal close
  • Follow up on a continual basis after your move.



  • 10+ years of Experience
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Graphic & Web design
  • Staging & Preparation
  • Aerial Photography
  • Floor Plan Design
  • Mortgage & Loans
  • Construction & Renovations
  • Zoning & Building Code
  • Referral of Qualified Trades
  • Tenant & Landlord Law
  • Sale / Lease Agreements


Getting Your Home Sold - Which real estate agent should you use?

Besides all of the obvious methods to getting your home sold, there are many ways to get your home advertised to the masses that a lot of Realtors simply don’t know about or just choose to ignore. Below are a few things worth mentioning that you should consider when selling your home.

95% of the buyers look online to find a home for sale.

One of the many things I take pride in, is the fact that I am extremely educated and highly comfortable with online marketing and advertising. So comfortable in fact that I utilize every tool I can find to succesfully market and advertise your home to the masses. I don’t throw your home willy nilly onto some random website and say “look, I told you I’d get you on a real estate website”.I go above and beyond to ensure your home is seen to its full potential while still utilizing the old tried and true methods of standard advertising.

How many unique visitors per day does a Realtors website get?

The bottom line is, if a Realtor has a website and does nothing to get it out there to the public, it will not be seen and essentially acts as an online business card. I’ve worked extensivley over the last few years building content on my website to attract visitors, and it is certainly working well. This is incredibly important for those who have a home that is more difficult to sell or for those who want the most amount of traffic to their home. Wondering how many new visitors I get per day? Click HERE

What paid online advertising will a Realtor do for your home?

Have you ever done a google search and have seen advertisements on the side, or up top when you receive the results? Imagine if that were your home when buyers go to google, type in the keywords “3 bedroom home Aurora” and the results end up with your home on top. This is the tip of the advertising iceberg with many more ways that I get your home exposed. If you want to know more, click HERE.

Selling your home with a brokerage who doesn’t allow other brokerages to host your listing on their website.

Now a days, almost every Real Estate agent has a website, and because most do not know how to make their own website, they use a template website. Did you know that many of these template websites you see don’t have all of the actual listings available within the Toronto Real Estate board?

Why you ask? Many brokerages don’t allow their listings to go anywhere other than for reasons unknown to me. Some speculate that it’s because they want the sale to sell within their brokerage. Who does that harm? The seller. Because 95% of the buyers go online to find their dream home, many homes get passed on simply because it is not listed amongst all the template websites.I am proud to say my brokerage is one of the few who allow the listings to be advertised on other Realtors websites.

My website is not a template, and has been fully designed by me. The property search I use, shows all listings on the MLS.  It even shows listings that aren’t even on yet!

Does the Realtor have a website?

Again I stress the importance of the web.  If a realtor doesn’t have a website, then they are severely limiting themselves and worst of all, their clients.

If they say they don’t need one, they do.

Will you make my home a website?

Absolutely!  Your address will be the web address and it will be fully functioning website complete with pictures, a professionally shot walk through video of your home, property info, etc, all designed by me.

Does the realtor committ to service?

Many realtors play a numbers game when it comes to selling your home.  They know that if they have 4 lsitings, one will sell that month with little to no involvement.  Your home is not a number to me and thus I don’t treat it as such.  I take extra special care with anyone I work with in Real Estate. If you call and I cannot immediately answer, I guarantee you will get a response from me within one hour.

Do you work with a team?

I work alone. This translates to you dealing with me and only me, which means there will not be any miscommunication.  I will sell your home from beginning to end with no one to jump in and take over when something bigger comes in. I know that this is your biggest investment and I treat it as such. I commit to every client, and treat them all with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

More frequently asked questions:

Q. ” Jay, this internet thing is great but what about the old tried and true methods to get my home sold?”

A. Good question and there is plenty to discuss about this. If you want to know my complete advertising plan, click HERE.

Q. “Jay, with all these great initiatives to sell with you, how much will this cost me?”

A. Another great question! Click HERE for my article on how my fees are based on being fair to you, the seller.

Q. “Are you a discount brokerage?”

A. A simple answer is, No. I am a pavement beating realtor that goes above and beyond to get your home sold. Starting from beginning to end, I am with you all the way. 

Q. “I may list with a big name brokerage in town, how do you differ?”

A. I used to be with a big name brokerage where I paid a large amount of fees to work with. Not once did I get a call from a prospective client saying “hey, you work with …. brokerage, I want to work with you!” I decided to go with a more boutique brokerage where I could make selling a home a heck of a lot more fair for the sellers wallet.

It’s not the brokerage that sells your home, it’s the real estate salesperson/broker you work with that sells your home. If anything, I can offer my clients more now than I could have ever done before.