When it is time to downsize?

I work with a lot of people that are in Florida right now.  When they fly home in the spring, my client load quadruples.  These people are clients that are retiring and looking to downsize from their current home.  I compiled a list of why you should downsize.  If you agree with 5 or more, then it may be time to downsize.

10) There are rooms you haven't been in for over a year.

9) You don't remember what those boxes downstairs are filled with.

8) Home values are higher but may decline when interest rate heightens.

7) Affordability (low interest) is the key factor as to why the surge in buyers.

6) You pay too much in utilities for twice the space you realistically need.

5) There are over 22,000 immigrants coming into Ontario each month looking for a home to live.

4) Guaranteed income and capital growth

3) Change is fun.  You get to pick a lot of new cool stuff.

2) With all your extra space means extra unnecessary renovations and upkeep.

1) Your "30 something" year old kids won't be able to move back in with you.

jay vroom