About Jay Vroom


It may be one of the toughest questions to ask yourself. Who am I?  Well, for starters I am a man who loves spending time with my family.  I couldn’t be more thankful for the family and friends I have in my life. I take pride in surrounding myself with people who know what they want in life and work to achieve those goals. As the saying goes, “You are who your friends are.”

I grew up in “the sticks” and have a love for nature and wildlife. Being raised on a property with calm and quiet surroundings has given me the laid back personality that makes it easy for people to work with me.

I’m a musician and a composer whose “forte” is the piano, but can play virtually any instrument thanks to early childhood education. And last but not least, I love to be creative. If I’m not creating, I am bored.

There are 42,000 real estate agents to choose from, so why choose Jay Vroom?

With over 11 years of experience as a Realtor, I know how to provide the best customer service to my clients. I know how a home is built and things to watch out for, I know the geography of Toronto and the GTA inside and out and I know how to successfully market and advertise your home.  How do I know?  Simply put, I've had many years of hands on experience. I’ve been educated in marketing and advertising, as well as educated in web analysis and web development. I've renovated countless homes and have worked with the best trades and the worst. I have had rental properties with good tenants and bad tenants.  I've worked on some of the most complex agreements ranging from tenants in common, international Buyers and Sellers (capital gains and income tax if renting), tenanted homes (with unruly tenants), power of attorneys, probate and estate sales and so, so much more.   When it comes time to negotiating agreements, I have a proven record of meeting my clients needs by selling their home for the highest price and negotiating the lowest price when buying a home.  All these skills added up equals to having a Realtor that is seasoned, is able to successfully market and advertise your home and be a bull dog at the negotiating table.

You can trust that your interests are looked after from start to finish.  Less worry, more confidence, better sleep. 

What I offer my clients:


  • A complete ad campaign like no other. Seeing is believing!
  • I design a custom website for your home with a high traffic web domain with all your homes info!   Visit: Your Home Sold as an example.
  • My fees are incredibly fair. If your home sells in 1 week, you pay for only 1 week.
  • You get professional photos and a video walk through of your home.
  • Full colour, multi page brochures.
  • Online chat on my website makes it easy for you and anyone else to get in touch with me at all times.
  • In order for the absolute best possible service, I work with a maximum of 2 buyers and 2 sellers at any given time. This enables me to make sure that 100% of all your real estate needs are met with absolute attention to you.
  • Free staging advice and consultation.
  • Staff to book appointments for your home. -Open houses for your home.
  • My personal website has an incredible amount of visitors coming to it each day, which means more exposure for your home.


  • Having the satisfaction of knowing that a Realtor with a history of success and relevant experience is working for you. 
  • The comfort in knowing that your Realtor knows what to look out for in a home, what it will cost to repair and a plethora of honest trades to refer.
  • I offer my clients some of the best mortgage brokers and lenders in the business that can help in some of the most complicated situations.
  • Market knowledge and knowing the true value of homes. 
  • Representing international Buyers and assisting them in finance, various types of tax, law, property management and all relevant agreements.
  • I personally comb through listings that would be of interest to you.
  • I can pick you up and drop you off. - It doesn’t cost you anything to work with me.